Calling all CT Superheroes!!

CT Superheroes assemble! The world needs to hear your story. You may not realise it but you hold the power to change the destiny of millions of people.

Transport is the lifeblood of society. Without it, the world would cease to function. Community Transport is a vital component of our transportation system as it goes far beyond moving people and goods from destination to destination.

Organisations which enable independent living, facilitate social interaction, enable affordable trips for voluntary and community groups, support volunteers and the voluntary sector, contribute to individuals’ wellbeing and contribute to individuals’ health aren’t just “transport operators”, they are the often unsung heroes who make the world a better place to be.

We want to hear about: Dynamic Drivers; Phenomenal Passengers; Valiant Volunteers; Magnificent Managers; Extraordinary Escorts; Spectacular Support Teams; Marvellous Minibuses; Sensational Systems.

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